Software projects are living things that require love and attention in order to survive. After your project build you need someone to make small changes, respond to security threats and take advantage of library updates. Regular maintenance saves money in the long run by ensuring you have a solid foundation to build new features on.

Djanitor is a monthly retainer for Django project maintenance. I'll take over the maintenance and upkeep of your code for a fixed monthly fee.

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The what

  • Optimise slow pages on your site
  • Keep your project secure
  • Reduce the number of bugs in your project
  • Carry out small development tasks
  • Reduce the severity of bugs in your project
  • Keep you informed of potential problems and what I'm up to
  • Take advantage of performance updates in Django

The how

  • Using slow query logging, the slow areas of your applciation will be identified. I'll then work on optimising those areas until they're as snappy as can be.
  • I'll install the best-in-class error logging system Sentry on your site. This will capture all Django bugs and provide tracebacks and other data to help us fix the bugs. Often I'll fix them before you notice them.
  • When new versions of Django are released I'll plan and execute an upgrade and make sure it happens smoothly. If there are any performance upgrades to take advantage of I will.
  • I'll monitor and respond to security advisories for all the major libraries in your project and upgrade when necessary.
  • Small changes to existing functionality will be carried out so you don't have to hire a development team.
  • Each month you'll get a report detailing what I've done.

What you can expect

I'll spend time upfront getting to know you and your project. After getting all our logging in place I'll then make recommendations on things I can do initially and any urgent actions required to secure your project.

I will reserve approximately 1 day a week for work on your project — around 4–5 days per month. With this time I will fix bugs and perform small maintenance tasks. I won't be able to build new features though.

The cost

The current cost of Djanitor is

£1500 Per Month
(1800 EUR or 2000 USD)

A 10% discount is available for pre-payments of 6 months or more and a 20% discount for 12 months.

What you can expect

Djanitor is perfect if your project build is complete and you want developers who know your project to handle small issues and fix critical bugs to keep your application secure and functioning smoothly.

It's not a full development service or out-of-hours support service so if you require big feature builds or a technician to troubleshoot an issue in the middle of the night then this isn't for you.

What next?

If you're interested in the service then please drop me a line at

I'll chat with you and get an idea of your project and requirements and determine if we'd be a good fit for each other.